The goal is to work together to design beautifully functional spaces and implement organization systems that work for YOU. 
For further details please see our rates page or contact us at (305)458-4740.

  • Space design - rearrange furniture, maximize storage space, closet design, etc.  The goal is to transform your space so it supports all your activities and reflects your design style.

  • Staging - prepare your home for showing/sale by reallocating existing belongings.  When potential buyers can see themselves living in "their" new home your sale time is reduced.   

  • Moving/relocation services - help you downsize belongings before packing, get set-up in your new place (unpacking, organizing, suggestions for: furniture placement,  artwork, and paint color selection, accessorizing).  Moving can be stressful but it can also be an exciting time for a fresh start and new design ideas.

  • Organizing - kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, pantries, kids' rooms/playrooms, home offices, garages, laundry rooms, closets, photo collections, etc. By getting organized you will make better use of the space you have (no matter how small), no longer waste valuable time looking for misplaced items or spend money purchasing duplicates.

  • Decluttering - help in letting go of the things you no longer need so that you end up with only those items that bring you joy.  Clutter drains your energy -- by removing excess clutter you reduce stress increase focus, productivity, and sense of harmony.

  • Displaying treasured collections - help design creative solutions to display kids’ artwork, family photos, mementos, collectibles, etc. so you can display your most cherished pieces and give them the focus they deserve.
  • Extras ​- shop for specific products, arrange donation pick-ups, recycle old electronics, and help sell valuable items on websites. Whatever it is, you know you are busy.  Let us help.